All the classes and workshops I give are there for you to – first of all – enjoy! Instead of focusing on any particular goal, I invite you to simply join and be open to any benefit that this class may have in store for you.

Because sometimes we experience these sessions in quite a physical stretchy way, sometimes you maybe feel some emotional healing happening and other times it is just a peaceful /joyful experience, a little challenge or a mix of it all. We never know 🙂 So being without any expectation would be my recommendation!

My intention for giving these classes is to share powerful tools that have helped me so much to move from fear to freedom, and from the mind into the heart.

The meditation tools and conscious practices I share  come from Tibetan energetic healing masters. And they – living their lives 100% from the heart in such a happy and simple way, without any beliefs or religion – truly inspire me to live a less serious and more playful, joyful and creative life. And I feel inspired to share this with you!

And what about Yin Yoga? To me it is such a wonderful and tool to connect with – and listen to – our beautiful body in a gentle and kind way. Read more about Yin Yoga below.

You are welcome to join the live-stream workshops on Zoom!  Find all you need to know to be able to join in the section below.

Looking forward to meeting you again online!

With love,


p.s. cannot join the Yin Yoga workshops on Thursday? Every Friday from 16.00 – 17.15 I give a live-stream Yin Yoga class with Delight Yoga.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is a meditative kind of yoga in which we enjoy poses, seated or laying down, for 3 – 5 minutes. Without any pressure or certain goal, but with kindness towards ourselves and our body… The connective tissue, which is located throughout the entire body, opens up slowly and therefore we take a bit of time for this. Also, by staying physically still in the pose, the mind has the opportunity to quiet down as well. At the end (or even during the session) you can experience benefits like a sense of deep relaxation, more space in the body, a clear mind and increased sense of peace and creativity.

I will guide you through the session with little hints and meditations, and there is lot’s of room for silence. And during the end relaxation I will sing and play some gentle mantras or songs for you.

Regular Yin Yoga classes

Tuesday 20.00 – 21.30 Yin Yoga

Delight Yoga, Prinseneiland 20 G Amsterdam

I also substitute classes for my fellow teachers at Delight Yoga, also at other locations than Prinseneiland. To find an up-to-date schedule, please click the link below.


I am passionate about sharing meditation; simple tools to return to inner peace, which is our natural state! This inner peace is always here. It is just that we have started to cover it with limiting beliefs about happiness and wealth, like ‘if only I had this (partner, career, money or health), I would be happy’. With those limiting ideas coming come from our parents or society, as children and young adults we started to look outside for what is actually already inside. People experience stress and burn-out, because we are chasing something that is impossible to find ‘outside’. To find peace and happiness, we have to go within.

And that’s exactly what we focus on in meditation; going within. The practices I share to help us go within come from Tibetan masters and have touched my heart deeply. Especially because they are so simple and you don’t have to believe in anything! It is about your own experience, that’s the only thing that counts. There is nothing to achieve, just observe and feel your way through.

Meditation can help us to heal resistance, limiting beliefs, old conditioning and habits. By lovingly dissolving that which is not peace / freedom, we naturally get back to our state of inner peace. And you can feel once again the joy, freedom, happiness and unconditional love that you are!

Meditation Workshops

I give meditation workshops in a down-to-earth and simple way. In these workshops we explore the power of meditation to help overcome obstacles of any kind and to return to a state of inner peace. With conscious tools coming from Tibetan masters that are easily applicable in daily life. In these workshops you don’t have to believe in anything and everyone is welcome!

For more information & bookings: please send me a message here.


Online Meditations