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The Body as a Messenger | 12-week program with Tibetan meditation, self-healing practices, Restorative yoga & live music!!

februari 13, 20:00 - april 27, 20:30

- €170


Would you like to experience more health, life energy, love, peace and joy in your life?

Are you looking for a way to help yourself heal, be more free and live from your heart?

A way that is natural, light and simple?


Then this 12-week program may be something for you!

In this program I will share from my heart natural ways, tools and practices to lovingly listen to any symptom or challenge you may encounter in your life. And to, thánks to the challenge, discover your inner strength, the power of your heart and ways to live more joyful and free!

Because no matter what challenge we experience in our lives – for instance a burn out, physical symptoms or illness, low energy levels, a feeling of being triggered, a conflict in a relationship, or any emotional challenge; there is something of great value for us to discover.

Many of us have been taught that if the body and mind don’t function as we want it to, we have to fix or numb the symptoms and move on. Or to just deal with it when a doctor tells you it’s ‘a chronic condition’. There is nothing wrong with this. But there are other ways…

What if the body is just trying to help you?

What if it is just trying to show you something you couldn’t see before?

What if it is helping you to lovingly improve your life and the relationship you have with yourself and become more happy, joyful and free?

What if there is pure gold to discover in the challenge that you experience right now?

Life always wants the very best for us, it wants us to release toxic habits, to let go of limitations, to stop living in survival mode and go enjoy life and to live it to the fullest. When the body talks, it is life trying to get our attention.

Become an excellent listener to the body

This program helps you to become an excellent listener to the message your body and/or emotions are trying to give you. And also if there is no challenge in your life right now, if you feel curiosity or enthusiasm for this program, it is for you as well!

And during these 12 weeks, you will be encouraged to not believe anything, but to do simple practices that help you to discover something we used to be one with when we were very little. That inside you there is all the strength, love and peace you may have been looking for your whole life.

And dear friends…

Healing yourself doesn’t have to be a long, complicated and tiresome journey. On the contrary! The more fun we have during the process, the more kind we are towards ourselves when facing challenges, the lighter it gets… 🙂

Yet: don’t believe anything I say. Come to experience for yourself!

Note: your participation in this 12-week program doesn’t require you to drop any other treatments you are currently getting, whether it be a western medical treatment or another natural approach of healing.


“I feel a bit like a butterfly. Last week I felt really frustrated, I had a lot of physical challenges. And this week I was really like: I will just feel and accept it and I was doing this the whole time and a few days later it was gone. I didn’t have anything anymore. I had three issues. I can still not understand it, and that’s not needed, but I can finally feel that I am able to do it myself. Before I felt the need to be guided, but after this program I have the feeling I can do it myself. I can do this! It is really a great experience, I am so happy that I did this 6-week program. It really helped me a lot.” 

Alexandra van der Voort, participant ‘Healing & Living from your Heart’


“It was such a special program. I’ve taken so many steps and learnt so much. It’s so beautiful. And your music is such a gift, I cherish it every time I listen to it.” 

-Esther Philips, ‘Healing & Living from your Heart’


“If I compare the last weeks to the first weeks of this program, the last few weeks I am getting a bit deeper when I am doing the practices, I feel more connected. This can be an example of that you don’t have to make huge changes right away. Have faith that at time it will come. In the first few weeks I noticed that during meditation my mind was easily triggered to get lost in visualization or labelling things. Now it’s becoming more at peace. ” 

Loes Pieters, ‘Healing & Living from your Heart’

What does this program look like?

This program stretches over a period of 12 weeks, starting at Monday February 13th and finishing at Thursday April 27th.

Every other week we meet each other on Monday evening for a 2 hour live-stream workshop and on Thursday evening for a 30 minute live meditation session. If you cannot join all the live-streams, there are recordings available for you afterwards (more information about this below).

During the Monday workshop we explore ways to heal ourselves, enjoy practices and meditations and restorative yoga. There is always an opportunity to share your experiences and questions. The heart of this program are the Tibetan healing practices as well as the tools for your daily life. Additionally, in the final part of the live-stream, you will enjoy one or two restorative yoga poses. In this way, you get the opportunity to rest, to let your experiences sink in and it gently helps your body to restore. And you get to enjoy Tibetan or Indian healing mantra music I share with you live, together with my dear friend the guitar 🙂

After the live-stream session, you receive an email with tools & practices for your daily life for the next two weeks. By continuing to practice in your daily life, you water the inner seeds you’ve planted. They need your love and care…

On Thursday evening there is a 30 minute meditation session in which we enjoy meditations that help us to experience more peace, calmness, clarity and expansion in ourselves and our lives.

Where do the practices & tools I share come from?

The simple yet powerful practices I share with you are coming from Tibetan masters who live 100% from their hearts, – without any fear and without following any religion – in a joyful, peaceful and happy way. They have compassionately developed these practices and tools in order for others to live a more healthy, peaceful, free and happy life too.

What do you explore when you join?

  • simple yet powerful Tibetan tools and practices to heal from the heart
  • ways to open yourself to the message of the body
  • the four metaphysical causes of illness and how to help to heal these causes
  • the ways we can sabotage ourselves and our happiness and how to overcome this
  • meditations for inner calmness, focus and peace
  • practices for self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others
  • meditations to release resistance
  • a practice for compassion
  • keys for true healing
  • tools that help you live from your heart
  • how to use your life energy in the benefit of your life
  • and much, much more!

What do you receive when you join?

  • 12 hours of teachings in 6 live-stream workshops
  • 6 live-stream 30 min meditation sessions
  • simple Tibetan practices to heal from the heart
  • meditations for a calm and clear mind
  • restorative yoga to help the body relax and restore
  • live music at the end of each session
  • the opportunity to ask questions and share your experience during the sessions
  • access to the recordings of each session
  • a weekly email with supportive content and practices to enjoy during the week
  • optional extra: a 1 on 1 healing session with Irene to a reduced price
  • Bonus: you receive 3 meditations (all 3 in English ánd in Dutch) as mp3s in your mailbox at the end of this program!


A little more about restorative yoga

Restorative Yoga doesn’t play the main role in this program, but it adds a moment of deep relaxation to our Monday live-stream sessions. It is a very slow, gentle form of yoga. You sit or lay in a rejuvenating posture for 5 or 10 minutes. Covered by blanket, you totally let go of any need to do anything and allow yourself to rest. This type of yoga doesn’t focus on deep stretches, but on deep relaxation. It helps your body to restore, the nervous system to rebalance, and it gives you the opportunity to enjoy a moment of silence after exploring and enjoying the healing practices. Using a few props you can probably find in your home, the body is supported in a position and able to rest in it.

You don’t need any experience in Restorative Yoga in order to join this program!

This program is for you if you…

  • are curious about ways to heal yourself and be more free
  • are open to experience something new
  • would love to experience your physical, mental or emotional challenge as a gateway to growth, expansion and more peace and joy in your life!
  • would like to have mental clarity
  • would love to experience more love and joy within yourself
  • would like to give your body loving attention
  • are committed to create time and space for yourself to join this program and enjoy the sessions
  • would like to experience the power and support of a group of people going through a program like this together

Optional extra: 1 on 1 energetic healing session

During this program you explore practices, tools and more to help yourself heal and to experience more peace, joy and freedom in your life. If you feel you would like to receive extra support in the challenge you face, I offer an additional online 1 on 1 healing session for a reduced price. During this session, you share with me what it is you would like to receive help with. Together we explore the root cause of your challenge and you will receive an energetic healing for this with Rigpa Energetic Healing (Tibetan) and Dharma Shamanic System (Tibet/Aboriginal Australia). You can read more about these sessions here.

If you feel this is something for you: you can book this session through a link you will receive after you’ve signed up for the program.

Exchange for this 1 on 1 healing: 85 euro (normal price is 105 euro)

Practical information

When are the live-streams?

Monday February 13th, 20.00 – 22.00 (CET, Amsterdam time)

Thursday February 16th, 20.00 – 20.30 (CET, Amsterdam time)


Monday February 27th, 20.00 – 22.00

Thursday March 2nd, 20.00 – 20.30


Monday March 13th, 20.00 – 22.00

Thursday March 16th, 20.00 – 20.30


Monday March 27th, 20.00 – 22.00

Thursday March 30th, 20.00 – 20.30


Monday April 10th, 20.00 – 22.00

Thursday April 13th, 20.00 – 20.30


Monday April 24th, 20.00 – 22.00

Thursday April 27th, 20.00 – 20.30



We meet each other live via Zoom


Language: Dutch or English, depending on the language of the participants.


What do you need to join the session?

  • A laptop or a mobile phone, with Zoom and video
  • Yogamat or soft carpet
  • Meditation cushion, extra cushions from your couch or bed
  • Blanket
  • Notebook and a pen
  • Optional:
    • yoga bolster (long supportive pillow)
    • eye pillow (or something else to cover your eyes with during the end relaxation)
    • extra pillows to support yourself during the Restorative yoga poses

And: I can highly recommend you to be in a room or space for yourself, so you can totally dive into this beautiful time for yourself and have an undisturbed experience.


170 euro (including tax), to pay upon registration

What if I cannot join one or more live-streams?

No problem! I can highly recommend you to join live, as doing these practices together with a group and sharing experiences with each other is very supportive and a healing at itself. But off course, if you cannot join a live-stream session; every Monday and Thursday live-stream will be recorded and available for you for 2 weeks (until the next session takes place).

Sign up

When you join, you say also ‘yes’ to:

  • Every session will be recorded by Irene. The recordings will be available for everyone who’s signing up for the program.
  • You are not recording the live-streams yourself

Do you feel like joining?

If yes, click on the link below and leave your details. You will receive a confirmation email with a payment link. After your payment, your spot for Body as a Messenger is confirmed!

Benefits of joining a group-program

From my own previous experience (and that of many others), I can share that at times it can be to heal and live from the heart and to see opportunities and grow thanks to our challenges.

Most of us have been taught by our upbringing, culture or society to do the exact opposite; to see the body as ‘being against us’ when it’s in a challenge, to quickly fix our symptoms, be strong, move on and to keep on looking for a fix, happiness, peace and outside of ourselves.

So when you decide to do something that is the opposite – going within, open yourself to the gift a challenge can give you and helping to heal yourself – it is so so beautiful and beneficial to meet others who are on the same path. A group of friends, a family. Off course you do the practices by yourself, but to meet each other every week, can be so wonderful and supportive. It is inspiring and touching to hear other people’s experiences, it can open our eyes to the limitless possibilities we couldn’t see before. To be in a group of people walking the same path is a healing at itself and helps to increase our health, vitality and joy for life.

Why am I sharing this program?

As a former doctor, I have always felt passionate and enthusiastic about helping others. I used to work in a hospital and later on in nursing homes, and my curiosity for natural ways of healing started to grow. I started to follow that curiosity. Could it be that there are ways of healing that the hospital doesn’t practice, but are very effective? Could it be that there is something that could help a person to heal the cause of an illness, instead of only treating the symptoms of the body? In my surroundings at the time there was no sign for this, but in my heart I felt a love for these questions that couldn’t be switched off anymore 🙂

As I started to explore this and follow my curiosity, life orchestrated something beautiful; to meet my dear friend Jose Antonio Manchado, who for 20 years has been sharing natural ways of healing from Tibetan masters. The way these masters see any imbalance is not like ‘something annoying’ or limiting’, but as a messenger sent by life, which function is to help on a deeper level to truly heal and be free. When José shared this with me, and especially showed me these natural and powerful ways of healing, I felt really emotional, it felt like home to me. I started to apply meditation practices and tools he shared with me and I noticed great shifts happening in my mind, body and life. But not only in my life. During 1 on 1 energetic healing sessions with people or when sharing self-healing practices with yoga students or during retreats, I noticed great changes and shifts in people after they’ve applied the practices themselves. This touched my heart so deeply and with a lot of gratitude I cannot do anything else but to share this with you too!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need any previous experience in meditation or restorative yoga?

No you don’t 🙂 Feel free to join as you are.

I cannot join live (some sessions or never), can I still join?

Yes! The recording of every live session is available for you for 2 weeks, until the next live session happens (no exceptions). This enables you to follow the session in your own time, and at the same time keeps you on track with the flow of the program.

I can’t join live nor watch the recording in the two weeks in which it is available. Can you give me prolonged access to the recording?

No, this is not possible. When you sign up for this program, you are asked to commit yourself to this journey. It requires you to follow the tempo of the program for you to experience the maximum benefits of it. It is such a beautiful gift you can give to yourself by staying on track.

Can I receive an invoice?

Yes you can. After you’ve signed up you will receive an invoice in your mailbox.

Can I join with more than one person?

No, that’s not possible. Like during live events, each registration is for one person each.

I experience a physical challenge in my body, can I still join the restorative yoga?

Depending on your condition, but most likely you can. Restorative yoga poses are relaxing, most laying down, poses. The emphasis is on restoring, resting and keeping it very gentle. With every pose I will give a few alternatives in case the general pose doesn’t work for you, and I will help you with hints and suggestions so that you too can enjoy this moment of relaxation.

If you have any questions left, do not hesitate to contact me here.


From my heart to yours; I am looking forward to welcoming you online!


With love,



februari 13, 20:00
april 27, 20:30
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